Costs calculated by adding up annual wages of daily half-hour tweting

Free Twitter costs govt office ?3,175 a year

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has calculated it spends over £3000 each year for using Twitter.

Twitter, an entirely free social networking service, was said to be costing the department £3,175 each year, as explained in a written ministerial answer in parliament.

The department figured it was spending £3,175 per year after estimating that one individual Twitter operative was spending around half an hour of each working day on the service.

The department uses Twitter for three official accounts: @bisgovuk, @digitalbritain, and @BIS_Science, together they have 9,894 followers.

The individual who tweets for the department has not been identified, yet in a brilliant spell of reverse-engineering, The Telegraph calculated that £3,175 in daily half-hour shifts puts the individual’s salary at £50,000.

The Business, Innovation and Skills department – which is headed up by Lord Mandelson – said it has no press officers who earn as much as £50,000 each year, thus eliminating a number of individuals who could be the mystery tweeter.

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