Unfinished feature discovered on new operating system

Windows 7 can turn laptops in to WiFi hotspots

An unimplemented feature has been found on Windows 7 that allows a laptop or other WiFi enabled device to be turned in to a hotspot for other users by allowing them to share their connection.

According to Computer World, Nomadio, a US firm that specialises in military network consulting and development, discovered the feature.

“A year ago, Microsoft talked a lot about this as a big feature in Windows 7," said Nomadio’s CEO Alex Gizis. "But driver support didn’t get finished. The low-level code is in there, but the driver-level stuff isn’t. And there’s no app or setting in Windows to turn it on.”

Nomadio has gone on to develop a free application called Connectify that turns the dormant code in to an active feature. The beta version of the software can be found at Nomadio’s web portal.

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