Crooked dealers ruin public image, industry figure warns

PC retailers could inherit car dealers’ ‘bad reputation’

Computer retailers risk gaining the same bad reputation as car dealers, a senior trade body figure has warned.

Geoff Carr, a committee member of the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers, wrote in a blog for PCR that the industry has taken a hit after a number of high profile negative news stories.

“Our sector runs the risk of gaining the type of reputation used car dealers earned over many years,” he wrote. “And we aren’t doing ourselves any favours in how we deal with it. In response to age rating worries, the Entertainment Retailers Association publicly stated that while its chain store members would never sell inappropriately, small indies might do it to make a quick buck.”

Carr went on to warn that “word always gets out when customers have been stitched up”, so crooked dealers will see business suffer.

“Anyone in this trade long term must be a responsible professional – there is no room for those who aren’t,” he concluded.

You can read Geoff Carr’s blog in full here.

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