Microsoft?s Bing-powered tweet-search out months ahead of Google?s alternative

Bing and Google add Twitter search

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing now allows users to search through the enormous catalogue of recent micro-comments published across Twitter.

Google has announced that it will implement such a feature of its own within the next few months.

Both Bing and Google’s Twitter search will spider through the raft of tweets made by Twitter users, presenting the searcher with both text and relevant links.

However, the service will only scan through Tweets made within the last seven days.

It is currently unclear whether Google’s own service will index Tweets across a larger window of time, though any advantage over Bing is of course company preference.

Both Bing and Google are locked in a battle for the biggest share of search engine web traffic.

However Bing has recently lost momentum, according to Experian data, and has seen traffic fall 5 per cent month on month, with its total market share trimmed down to 16.38 per cent. Google’s stands at 71.08 per cent, ahead on previous months.

The jury is out on what impact of Bing’s momentarily exclusive Twitter search will have on its traffic share.

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