Complaints of deleted accounts begin to surface; number affected remains uncertain

Grave Snow Leopard flaw ?killing Mac data?

Reports have emerged detailing a serious flaw in Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system that completely wipes data from the system.

Numerous complaints on the matter have surfaced on Apple’s support forum, with dissatisfied users claiming that their user settings have been reset and most data has been erased from their hard drive.

The number of deleted accounts and vulnerable computers remains uncertain. Apple has not yet confirmed the existence of the flaw. PCR is contacting the firm for comment.

It is said that the flaw is triggered when a user signs into the OS using a guest account and then attempts to sign in using their personal account.

The theory put forward so far is that guest accounts, by default, have their data deleted upon logging out. If a user logs in as a guest and then back into their personal account, the OS will treat both as a guest account and delete all data.

It is said that the problem seems to only occur when Leopard users directly upgrade to Snow Leopard, and in the former had enabled guest accounts.

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