US Patent and Trademark Office rules against the vendor after lengthy dispute

Apple loses Mighty Mouse trademark

Apple has lost its fight to retain the ‘Mighty Mouse’ trademark, which refers to its iconic single button mice.

According to Ars Technica, Apple has been in a long dispute with a Maryland company called Man & Machine, which has a range of hygienic, waterproof mice aimed at the hospital and science lab segments.

The dispute arose after Apple obtained licensing rights from CBS, the media company that owns the cartoon character of the same name. Man & Machine sued both Apple and CBS for trademark infringement as it had been selling its devices for around a year prior to Apple’s product entering the marketplace.

The US Patent and Trademark decided in favour of Man & Machine earlier this week.

“Others have used the name Mighty Mouse for their computer mice and have sought registration of that trademark, but now the United States government has spoken,” said said the CEO of Man & Machine, Clifton Broumand. “We look forward to the continuation and expansion of the Mighty Mouse line of waterproof mice.”

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