Adobe constrained by Apple?s development platform

Apple slow to support Flash 10.1

Adobe has revealed the latest version of its Flash Player, which it claims will bring better browsing and HD performance to PCs, laptops and smart phones.

According to the Financial Times, the new release has been enthusiastically embraced by a number of component manufacturers including Nvidia and Qualcomm, which are optimising their GPUs and CPUs, along with Palm and Blackberry, which feel that the new software offers a much better option than Flash Lite, which has served the mobile sector in the past.

Unfortunately for Apple enthusiasts, the iPhone remains a glaring omission on the list of supporting handsets, as the company has allegedly stated that Flash 10.1 would significantly affect the device’s performance.

However, Adobe is insistent that it has been constrained by the restrictions put down by Apple’s developer programme.

“We have been doing very active development in that area, but there are limitations on our ability to bring something to market,” said Adobe group manager Adrian Ludwig.

“We are constrained just like every developer by the set of capabilities expressed in the iPhone SDK and developer programme and those just aren’t sufficient. We’ve made great progress, but without direct assistance from Apple, we will not be able to get the Flash player on the iPhone.”

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