Display series functions as TV and PC monitor

Asus aims for entertainment market

Asus is hoping that its latest range of monitors can cross the divide between the study and the living room with its built in TV tuner.

The T1 series comes in three sizes – 22, 24 and 27-inches – and has been designed to perform the function of a PC monitor, or a high definition television. The integrated tuner can receive both DVB-T digital and analogue (PAL/SECAM) signals, making the device completely ready for the digital switchover.

All three models also come with a pair of integrated seven-watt speakers, as well as a wide range of connectivity ports, such as HDMI, SCART, composite and earphone sockets.

The series comes with an intelligent remote control unit that can be used to control the television side of the monitor, and also to adjust settings in a much more natural way.

They also sport a number of pre-set modes designed for both the visual and audio sides, including four sound options and a game mode, which boosts the brightness and contrast of dim, hard-to-see areas, while leaving bright areas perfectly exposed.

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