User interface problems blamed

Tesco iPhone app rejected

Supermarket chain Tesco’s store locator application for iPhone has been rejected by Apple, due to issues with the user interface.

Tesco’s head of research and development Nick Lansley wrote on his blog that the Store Finder application “had a problem if the user denied it access to iPhone’s location service so it could not obtain the current latitude and longitude of the phone”.

“Basically it had been accidentally programmed to have the same attitude as an affronted celebrity denied access to a posh night club (‘Don’t you know who I am?’) then give them a ‘stores near me’ list anyway by assuming they were actually located at HQ in Welwyn Garden City!” Lansley wrote.

He added that the app would only require a minor change before Tesco resubmitted it to Apple, and that the developer had fulfilled the brief.

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