FEATURE: Government and industry collaboration should be utilised to tackle growing malware problems

Cooperation needed in war on cyber-crime

Security firms are claiming more corporate, industry and government collaboration is needed to fight the increasingly sophisticated threats posed by international malware rings.

While security issues have been around for years, the increase in mobile device usage and the development of more effective techniques means threats could become more potent in the future.

Kevin Hogan, senior manager at Symantec Security Response told us: “Changes in the current threat landscape – such as the increasing complexity and sophistication of attacks, the evolution of attackers and attack patterns, and malicious activities being pushed to emerging countries – show not just the benefits of, but also the need for increased cooperation among security companies, governments, academics, and other organisations and individuals to combat these changes.”

Roger Thompson, chief research officer at AVG added: "Other organisations can play a big role in clamping down on online criminals. The credit card companies could strike a blow against hackers just by shutting down the merchants that supply rogue security software, for example. Internet Service Providers could also act to close any botnets they discover residing on their servers, but currently there’s no obligation for them to get involved, so they don’t."

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