Californian vendor brings Pulse to UK through deal with Gem, claims segment is set to climb

Smartpens poised to be the next big thing?

The fledgling ‘smartpen’ sector could soon become as large as digital cameras and smartphones, according to
vendor Livescribe.

The Californian start-up is gearing up for the UK launch of its Pulse smartpen after a year of success in the US and elsewhere around the world. The Pulse, to be distributed in the UK and Ireland by Gem, is an ink pen with an internal computer that captures handwritten notes, while simultaneously recording and synching audio with them.

According to Livescribe’s vice president and general manager of international operations, Helen Thomas, the category has the potential to grow at an exponential rate in the UK. “Smartpens will be one of the fastest growing product categories following smartphones, digital cameras, video devices and so on,” she said. “The reason is that whatever you write and record on the smartpen can be captured, accessed and shared seamlessly. When we have the next generation smartpen, the speed and performance will be even greater.”

Now available in 25 countries, Livescribe’s product has proved popular with consumers and the media alike since its launch in July 2008 – a track record the company hopes to live up to.

“After the successful launch in the US and Australia last year, Livescribe is entering the European markets, with the UK as the first entry. We expect great successes as we have already had good responses from online first adopters in the UK market, and great interest from retailers as well,” Thomas said.

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