Several upcoming PC and netbook devices will feature touch-screen tech

Windows 7 fronting touch-screen empire?

Though Apple continues to absorb speculation that it’s building a game-changing touch-screen tablet, Microsoft may be ready to pinch the market already.

A Computer World report has stated that five leading PC makers – believed to hold nearly two-thirds of the global PC market – are thought to be releasing touch-screen PCs tied to Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7.

Sony, Asus and Lenovo have all declared that they will be releasing touch-screen PCs in various editions. Meanwhile several reports have alleged that Acer will soon launch three touch-enabled desktops, as Micro-Star International will roll out a touch-screen netbook.

Crucially, all these alleged and confirmed products will be packaged with Windows 7.

The news follows intense speculation that Apple will soon be launching its very own multi-touch-screen tablet, set for launch this year. Apple has not confirmed the rumours, though numerous ‘insiders’ are convinced the device exists.

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