New data says it handles less than five per cent of web searches globally

Revised figures halve Apple?s market share

The web metrics specialist Net Applications has issued amended figures that attribute less than five per cent of global market share to Apple, around half of what the vendor enjoyed in May’s figures.

According to MacWorld, the new research has found that Apple’s OSX accounted for 4.9 per cent of global market share in July, which represents a significant decline from May’s 9.8 per cent share.

The main reason for the drop in market share is that Net Applications has changed the way it researches its figures. The company now adjusts its reports based on how much traffic it records from a country, balanced against the number of internet users a country has, based on CIA estimations.

In the past, nations like China and Brazil were under represented in its calculations, while the US was over represented in unique visitor tallies.

“Some major Internet markets were not as well-represented as they should have been,” commented Net Applications’ executive vice president of marketing Vince Vizzaccaro.

He went on to explain that the figures had been heavily biased towards the English-speaking world: “That’s why the Apple numbers took a big hit. We had a strong Apple bias. The trends are accurate. It is a big change, but it’s a more accurate portrayal of the Internet.”

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