Claims supermarkets and mobile operators can't give customers confidence with IT purchases

PC World slams non-specialists

PC World has hit out at non-specialist retailers muscling into the technology market, saying that they can’t provide customers with confidence in their new product.

Speaking to PCR, PC World’s marketing director Jeremy Fennal said that many of the non-specialists, such as mobile phone operators and the supermarkets, saw higher levels of product returns, because the advice or the products available in the first place hadn’t been right.

"We pride ourselves on offering customers good advice and excellent services to enable them to buy the right product to suit their individual needs and level of technical understanding, with confidence," commented Fennal. "They do not get this if they buy from non-specialist retailers and can often be disappointed with their choices.

"Poor service and advice in non-specialists leads to high levels of disappointment and customer returns as they find they have not bought the right product for them. Also, as a market-leading specialist we offer an end-to-end service – from help and advice with original purchases to repairs and maintenance services."

To read the full interview with PC World’s category director Jeremy Fennal, as well as marketing director Niall O’Keeffe and spokesperson Mark Webb, click here.

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