Entertainment retailer joins ranks of IT dealers with new PC areas

HMV moves into laptop market

The UK’s largest entertainment retailer HMV has now expanded into the laptop market, with a trial area already launched in Oxford Circus and more set to follow in Leeds, Bristol Cribbs, the Merry Hill Centre and Dudley over the next few weeks.

The trial areas are part of the retailer’s new focus on technology products, and if successful will be rolled out across the wider portfolio. As well as laptops, a full range of accessories and peripherals will be available.

"This is really part of the ongoing evolution in the HMV offer – giving people access not just to music, film and games, but also to technology and other related products via a range of channels," said Ricky Gordon, technology manager at HMV. "We’ve also enjoyed considerable success in the iPod and iPod accessories market, so we see netbooks and laptops as being a natural further step in this direction."

When asked what would differentiate HMV’s offering from the growing number of other retailers moving into the market, Gordon told us: "We’ll be specialising and concentrating on the portable end of the market, which our market research suggests is what customers want and expect to find in HMV. It’s increasingly clear that they see our stores not just as the place to buy music, film and games, but also the hardware and technology to enjoy them on."

He concluded by saying: "Ultimately, however, it will come down to how well we engage with these customers through the retail experience and the quality of service we give them, but I’m very confident we can do that."

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