New government proposals for modernising digital infrastructure to emerge this afternoon

Digital Britain report announced today

The Digital Britain report – a set of government proposals designed to give the UK’s digital services and support network a shot in the arm – is due to be released later today.

The chief purpose of the document is to ‘secure Britain’s place at the forefront of the digital economy.’ Specifically, schemes to provide everyone in the UK access to the internet, and a fresh clamp down on music pirates are two of the most talked about aspects of the report, put together by Lord Carter.

Much of today’s final article will detail the outlines put forward in the interim report, published in January this year. It can be found on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s website.

"This report sets out a strategy for building a knowledge economy where our most valuable assets are the skills and innovation that underpin our digital industries," business secretary Peter Mandelson said of the Digital Britain report. "This is absolutely vital if Britain is to benefit fully from some of the greatest economic opportunities on offer this century."

Stay tuned to PCR for full details of the Digital Britain report as they emerge.

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