Said to have adapted ODM restrictions after Intel reportedly pressured company

Microsoft changes Win 7 netbook specs

Microsoft has been accused of allegedly buckling under pressure from Intel to lower the maximum screen size of netbooks that qualify for the cheaper version of Windows 7.

Digitimes reports that Intel sought to lower the upper limit for netbooks from the previously announced 12.1-inches to 10.2-inches. Sources speaking to the Taiwanese website said that ODM netbooks makers have been informed of the changes.

Some accused the move of being designed to restrict Intel’s rival VIA to the full price versions of the software. VIA had been making gains in the 11.6-inch market, while Intel’s Atom processor has dominated the 10-inch and below segment.

While Microsoft is said to have lowered the maximum screen size, Infoworld is reporting that is has upped the allowances for storage.

The magazine reports that the Windows 7 publisher has lifted the maximum size of solid-state drives to 64GB, up from 32GB. Hard drives have seen a similar increase, up from 160GB to 250GB.

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