Trade body and training firm set to offer retailers and resellers opportunity to earn qualifications in convergence

CompTIA and Q6 team up for convergence course

CompTIA has announced plans to expand its training programme to cover the subject of convergence with Q6 becoming the first UK firm to offer the trade body’s Covergence+ course.

The course aims to educate retailers, resellers, vendors and end users on issues surrounding the convergence of telephony, networking, hardware, sofware, security manager and monitoring.

They will take place once a month for the next six months. Speaking about the course, CompTIA’s EMEA vice president Matthew Poyadgi told CRN: "CompTIA certifications are only developed when a significant number of our 23,000 members identify a skills gap that needs to be plugged and where nothing exists that can already do the job.

"Vendor courses can never be truly independent and this can sometimes affect the scope of the training," he added. It was echoed by the technical director of Q6 Paul Sibley who added: "If you do a vendor-specific course, it is typically just going to cover the technologies and the aspects of the market in which the vendor is strong.

"Their courses tend to lack a full understanding of what is going on underneath."

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