PCs, laptops, camcorders and televisions see average prices fall by up to 75 per cent since 2006

Consumer electronics see significant deflation

Computers and other high-end devices have experience dramatic deflation over the past two years, despite rises in inflation in sectors such as food.

Products such as PCs, laptops, televisions and digital cameras have all seen dramatic drops in price despite rises in specifications, according to figures from Comet.

Pointing at upcoming product launches, Comet said that average price of a laptop had dropped from £499 in 2006 to just £269 – a drop of 46 per cent – despite the relative specifications being much higher. Desktops were no different with the average price paid dropping by 53 per cent.

Additionally, televisions have dropped by around 64 per cent, while the biggest drop has been with high-definition camcorders; two years ago, the average price was £1,200, today it is just £299 – a drop of 75 per cent.

Speaking about the findings, commercial director at Comet, Bob Darke said: "The price of electricals has come down considerably whist the choice and quality in our stores increases all the time. With our volume of purchase, we continue to drive prices dow and endeavor to keep them low.

"At a time when inflation it set to continue rising, this can only be a good thing for our consumers," he added.

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