Phone maker moves to protect its trade secrets, prosecuting ex-employee now working for Apple

Motorola sues iPhone exec

Motorola has initiated legal proceedings against a former employee for allegedly violating a non-complete agreement when he moved to Apple.

Michael Fenger was Motorola’s vice-president in the EMEA region for six years before becoming Apple’s VP in charge of iPhone sales at the end of March.

The lawsuit, which was filed last Thursday, alleges that Mr. Fenger accepted over one million dollars in stock options and cash payments to agree not to join any rival company for a two-year period after he ended employment at Motorola.

"He was privy to the pricing, margins, customer initiatives, allocation of resources, product development, multiyear-product, business and talent planning, and strategies being used by Motorola," reads the lawsuit.

Motorola is seeking a court injunction to prevent Mr. Fenger from working at Apple for two years starting retroactively from March 31st and will be looking to reclaim the one million dollars that it says it paid to Mr. Fenger as part of the ‘golden parachute’ agreement. No charges will be brought against Apple.

Link: Chicago Tribune

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