Broadband provider teams up with BPI to identify users sharing music online

Virgin targets file sharers

Virgin Media has yet again risked the wrath of web-browsing file-sharers by teaming up with the UK music industry’s regulatory body to target those illegally sharing music online.

TechRadar reports that Virgin is to use information provided by the BPI to identify accounts showing file-sharing activity, adding that it will not be providing customer names or address to the music body.

“Customers whose accounts appear to have been used to distribute music in breach of copyright will receive informative letters, one from Virgin Media and one from the BPI,” Virgin Media stated.

“Accounts will be identified by Virgin Media on the basis of information supplied by the BPI. Both letters will be distributed by Virgin Media, without the need to disclose customer names and addresses to the BPI.”

BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor added: "Education is absolutely key to reducing the extent of illegal downloading. This joint campaign with Virgin Media is the first step towards achieving that goal."

Virgin Media has a pro-active history in regard to taking action of file-sharers, as well as saying that it sees no problem with things such as traffic shaping and attacking principles of internet neutrality.

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