Vendor happy for war of words between two rivals to continue

AMD sees benefits from Nvidia and Intel argument

AMD’s EMEA technical director of sales and marketing has said that AMD is quite happy for Intel and Nvidia to continue the war of words that recently broke out between the two companies as his company.

Speaking to The Inquirer‘s Paul Hales, Giuseppe Amato said: "One says the CPU is not important, the other says the GPU is not important. The beauty of AMD is that we provide a balance with a strong CPU and a strong GPU – the company best tailored to provided a balanced PC.

"We hope we see some gain from the fight these two are having together."

He was speaking to the website as the vendor detailed its channel plans to selected partners at an event at its Dresden fabrication plant. "This specifically channel-focused event is to enable the channel provide better value to customers."

"What we told analysts is what we’re telling the channel," Amato said. "From AMD you can expect focus. The focus to deliver platforms that solve the problems the end user is facing."

His comments follow on from Richard Baker’s interview with PC Retail this month when he admitted the firm had been slightly "erratic" with the channel in 2007, something the firm was keen to rectify this year with it planning a major investment in the UK channel.

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