Says it has learned from mistakes of the past as it sees to expand presence in lucrative market

Intel looking to make CE acquisitions

Intel is prepping to make an aggressive push into consumer electronics through acquisitions according to the head of its Digital Enterprise group, Pat Gelsinger.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Gelsinger said: "I think you will see Intel being more acquisitive."

He noted that the firm had, in the past, made mistakes with its acquisitions but would in the future take care to consider whether or not it was in the interest of both companies before taking action.

"We have learnt lessons," he added, before citing its strategy with its recent acquisition of Havok, which now acts as an independent subsidiary within the larger structure of the firm.

When asked where the firm was likely to look at when considering acquisitions, he said consumer electronics was a key area where it would like to see its presence boosted.

He also mentioned in-house technology, high-end smartphone technology, mobile internet devices and increasing its presence in the sub-notebook market.

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