Research firm advises business there are no other viable alternatives

Forrester warns against skipping Vista

A report out today has warned firms not to skip upgrading to Windows Vista by holding out for its replacement as it too is likely to suffer from the problem of third party vendors not updating their software.

The independent report from Forrester Research warned that there are few viable alternatives including Linux and OSX with it citing that Windows is the operating system found on 99 per cent of all business PCs and 97 per cent of all SME machines.

It also warns against the cost of moving potentially thousands of employees to new systems including hardware expenses, lost productivity due to new interfaces, as well as associated training courses.

The group also stated that it would be unwise for any firm to stay on Windows XP after support for the OS was ended and that that would happen long before Windows 7 first emerges.

It also recommends that when firms do upgrade, they tie it into their hardware upgrades due to Vista’s higher system requirements.

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