The software giant is set to drop the price of its latest operating system

Microsoft slashes Vista price

Microsoft has said it will cut the price of packaged versions of Windows Vista in 70 countries including the UK.

It is thought the move is designed to boost sales of standalone copies of the operating system, which accounts for around 10 per cent of over all sales. The rest is mainly bought by vendors who pre-install it on PCs.

A Microsoft spokesperson told PC Retail: “Microsoft is confident that the combination of the compelling new features and capabilities in Windows Vista and the new pricing will help further build demand across a broad range of consumers and small businesses. This confidence is based, in part, on the success that we have already experienced in the UK. Since November 2007, we have been running a regional promotion to test the new pricing and have seen a significant increase in our sales of Windows Vista Full Packaged Product.

“While our retail partners ultimately set the prices in the market, we anticipate that the new pricing of Windows Vista SP1 in the UK will be largely comparable to those people are seeing today.”

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