Market research firm offers 50 per cent discount on CA in return for sales data

GfK to offer PCA membership rebates

The PCA is seeking to further boost its membership numbers, after a year that saw the trade association grow by more than 100 per cent, by teaming up with GfK to offer a rebate of 50 per cent to new CA members.

To take advantage of the deal, all retailers and resellers have to do is supply their electronic sales data to the GfK either on a weekly or monthly basis.

In addition to the rebate, they will also receive regular market updates, keeping them informed about the state of the IT market.

Anthony Norman, GfK’s UK business group director said about the deal: "GfK is delighted to be able to support the PCA in its continuing push to grow and offer value to its members. It is vital that the IT industry in the UK has a strong voice, and GfK believes that the PCA is that voice."

"GfK aims to be the primary source of market information on IT, and in order to represent the Business-to-Business IT Channel properly GfK’s reseller panel needs to contain a good mix of resellers ranging from very small to very big, specialists to generalists," added Norman.

"Unfortunately the small reseller community is changing all the time which means GfK can never stand still and is therefore always interested in opportunities to strengthen the small reseller contingent in its panel."

Speaking about the offer, CEO of the PCA, Keith Warburton said: "GfK is a long time supporter of the PCA and its insights are highly valued by its members. This scheme is a win-win-win for the PCA, its members, and GfK. We are very happy to support it."

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