While pack of cats catch a nasty bug

Asus to build Apple tablet

Sources at Crave have uncovered Apple plans to advance into the tablet market. While speaking with Asus, Apples contract manufacturer, it was let slip that a tablet is planned for the future. The tablet is expected to come from a brand new blueprint and assume very few features of preceding Macbooks and Powerbooks.

At present there is no word on when the tablet is likely to hit retail, nor any confirmation of OS’s or whether it will be Intel based.

Meanwhile in Apple-land the cats have been struck down by a series of mysterious illnesses. The internet is rife with reports that Leopard is experiencing firewall aggravation and now, to make matters worse, it seems all of the feline OS’s have problems with moving files.

The newly discovered bug dates back to OS X 10.3 and according to DailyTech, is caused by a lack of error trapping in the file move process. It occurs only when re-arranging a file or directory to another volume, such as a USB drive or Firewire hard drive. The bug potentially results in the data transfer taking place being aborted and thus all information lost.

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