Microsoft declining to appeal against EU ruling sets legal precedent

Monopoly discontinued

The decision by Microsoft to discontinue its near decade fight with European regulators, will likely bring tougher regulation in future for large technology companies operating within the EU.

In future Microsoft will be more than happy to welcome competition, when asked to help iron out software compatibility issues. Additionally, the defeat means Microsoft will have to watch its back when bundling products and software into its core operating system in Europe. The company has already announced that it will not appeal the European Court ruling that now lawfully gives EU antitrust regulators power to tackle monopolistic abuse.

Also announced by the software giant, was the move to begin to license information to competitors who need to make their products compatible with certain versions of Windows.

Microsoft are not the only giant being targeted for monopolistic behaviour in the tech industry, Intel Corp has been accused of doing loss leader microprocessor deals and using rebates and other payments to cancel out its competitor AMD.

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