October 15th is the day mobile operator will become ISP

O2 dates broadband launch

O2 has announced the date that it will launch its broadband service in the UK as October 15th.

"The UK broadband market is fuelled by price competition, but customers are also frustrated over hidden costs, bad customer service and technical complexity," said Matthew Key, CEO of O2 UK.

The company is intending on putting customer service at the front of its agenda. It has said that before allowing a customer to complete a purpose, a line check will be completed to give a customer an idea of the speed they will receive and charge them on the applicable tariff.

A further line check will be completed one month later to ensure that they are receiving a consistent service and that the customer is still on the applicable tariff. O2 has said that it is keen to ensure that customers are only paying for what their line can deliver.

The company has said that at launch, it will cover 50 per cent of the population, with the majority of its focus on urban areas. It has said that it will roll out its service further as demand requires.

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