Entagroup's Internet arm to assist with trial of next generation network

Entanet to test BT’s 21CN

Entanet has been selected to take part in the upcoming test of BT’s 21CN (21st Century Network), making it the only non-BT company taking part in the trial.

Along with BT Wholesale and BT Retail, Entanet will be helping to test the new networking infrastructure from one of BT’s Birmingham exchanges before expanding to ten exchanges by January 2008.

"To be selected as one of the three trialists is very exciting news for us. We’ve been extremely proactive in BT’s 21CN industry working group consultations," said Entanet’s chief operations officer, James Blessing.

"This involvement will provide us first with hand experience of its implementation and testing as well as a significant insight into the network’s performance from an end user experience perspective and will help us accelerate our own product development," he added.

"We’re delighted that Entanet is on the trial," said Entagroup’s chairman, Jason Tsai. "We have the technical capability and financial stability to commit to such investment if the technology proves to be the best way for us to go forward."

"The trial will give us a unique 21CN experience, allow us to assess its potential and help us develop a competitive strategy going forward."

The trials will begin on November 1st.

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