1TB CD disks and sugar batteries both at prototype stage

Sugar batteries make the future look sweet

Two futuristic technologies have emerged in their prototypes. Sugar powered batteries and a massive 1TB storage optical disk are currently in testing.

Sony is developing a battery that produces electricity by breaking down a sugar-glucose solution. Sony says the four-bio cells it has created generate enough energy to power a Walkman music player as well as a small fan. Each cell measures 39mm cubed and delivered 50 milliwatts of power.

Power is generated by a flow of electrons between a cathode and an anode. The cell takes sugar-digesting enzymes at the anode and extracts electrons and hydrogen ions form the sugar/glucose solution. A membrane separator then moves the hydrogen ions through the cathode and they then react with oxygen producing water as a by product.

And Memphile, an Israeli storage technology outfit is very close to breaking the one TB storage barrier for an optical disc format. Currently they have developed 600GB and 800GB versions of the disks. At 200 layers on a single 1.2mm disk, the 1TB model should be capable of storing approximately 40 full resolution HD movies or 115 DVD-quality movies.

A 600GB disk is predicted to retail for roughly $30-50, on release, with a drive capable of coping with the disks expected to cost $3,000 on release. Prices however, are expected to drop drastically in a matter of months, as manufacturing increases.

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