Bigwigs to meet up to discuss how to keep up with the rest of the world

UK broadband speed to be reviewed

Broadband speed is now considered to be a matter of such importance that even the government’s ‘competitiveness’ minister is getting involved. In advance of a summit with the aim of deciding how to increase broadband speeds, Stephen Timms spoke out.

"We need to be discussing how we can put this new network into place, because delay could be a barrier to the future success of our economy," he said. BT is investing £10 billion to speed up its network to an estimated 24 mbps by 2011.

Vigin Media, however, reckons it will be able to deliver 50 mbps by the end of next year. Meanwhile, Japan is already offering close to 100 mbps and France and South Korea are offering 40, so there’s a fair bit of catching up to do.

Here’s an idea: why don’t we find out what Japan’s doing and then do it ourselves? Crazy I know, but it might just work.

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